Main services of Hindre Ehitus OÜ

We plan construction activities, taking into account our changing weather conditions. All construction stages are executed at the right time, following good construction practices – this is the basis of our construction quality.

General construction

We perform all general construction works that are connected with private houses and building construction, following the principle – gate to keys!


We renovate houses and buildings, guaranteeing their user-friendliness and energy efficiency.

Putting up log houses

We have approximately 15 years of experience in putting up log houses. The quality of the installation is of utmost importance, since if it is not good enough, the whole house may be ruined; whereas possible “mistakes” may only appear after years of use, when they start to cause a number of problems.[/tab]


New life to farm architecture! Cottages, saunas, outbuildings, mills – modern technological solutions in an old cover provide a cosy living environment.


Construction consultation, expert assessment, design change projects.

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